Recipes with Prunes

Prunes – recipe ingredient

Prunes are dried plums, most often they are dried from blue fleshy plum varieties. Prunes are dried fruits from which stewed fruit is made or soaked and added to desserts, soups, main dishes, etc. Prunes go well with lamb and chicken. Also, prunes are very good as a filling for pies.

Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar.

Chicken Soup with Leek

Chicken soup with leek – a recipe for Scottish cuisine, prunes give the soup an interesting and rich taste.


Tzimmes – рецепт еврейской кухни, его готовят на новый год Рош ха-Шана.

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur)

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur) – an Armenian cuisine recipe, the soup is very hearty, thick, rich, this soup is often prepared for Zatik (Easter).

Beef with Prunes

Beef with prunes is a recipe for Bulgarian cuisine, this dish is cooked the day before it is consumed.

Prunes in Milk

Prunes in milk – recipe of Belarusian cuisine, milk is baked to the state of fermented baked milk.