Recipes with Raisins

Raisins – recipe ingredient

Raisins – dried grapes. Raisins are very widely used in cooking, it is added to baking – this is what everyone is used to. However, in Eastern countries, raisins are added in the cooking of pilaf, and refreshing drinks are cooked from it. Raisins are very suitable for meat, especially lamb. Raisins are also added to various salads; it gives the fresh salad a small note of sweetness, making its taste more pronounced.

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk – 12 dishes should be present on the Christmas table, one and the most important thing is kutya.

Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar.

Quince with Nuts and Raisins

Quince with nuts and raisins – there are a lot of quince dishes and all of them can adequately qualify for the main dish.

Cupcake "Capital's"

Cupcake "Capital's" - according to this recipe, the cupcake turns out to be very juicy, airy and with a lot of raisins.

Raisin Drink

Raisin drink - a recipe for cooking Jewish cuisine, cooked from a minimum amount of products.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is probably, after the turkey, of course, the main course for Christmas.


Tzimmes – рецепт еврейской кухни, его готовят на новый год Рош ха-Шана.

Eggplant Pilaf

Eggplant pilaf – a Turkish cuisine recipe, in this pilaf, meat is replaced with eggplants.

Oat Scones

Oat scones – a recipe for British cuisine, oatmeal for breakfast can be served as such buns.

Pasca Transcarpathian

Pasca transcarpathian – en Ukrainian cuisine recipe, pasca is cooked for Easter, it is very soft and stays that way for a long time

Sudlu Milk Pilaf

Sudlu Milk Pilaf – an Azerbaijani cuisine recipe, milk pilaf is cooked with a kazmag for the Novruz Bayram.

Saffron Buns

Saffron buns are one of the traditional recipes of Swedish cuisine, they are usually cooked for Christmas

Honey Muffins

Honey muffins combined with dried fruits are a very satisfying dish.

Gingerbread on Kefir

Gingerbread on kefir - a baking recipe, the dough for gingerbread is cooked on the basis of kefir with the addition of spices and spices.

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies - a baking recipe, everyone loves oatmeal cookies, and everyone remembers its taste well from childhood.

Sweet Lokshen Kugel

Sweet lokshen kugel is a Jewish recipe, egg noodles can be bought at the store or cooked.

Raisin Buns

Raisin buns - a recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, airy and soft buns can be stored for a long time and not stale.

Bread Stuffed Turnip

Bread stuffed turnip - a recipe for russian cuisine, you can serve such a dish with sweet cream