Drink Recipes

Grapefruit Drink

Grapefruit drink – a recipe for German cuisine, it is advisable to take classic yogurt for the drink, without additives.

Apple Punch

Apple Punch (Apfelpunsch) – a recipe for German cuisine, if you do not have freshly squeezed apple juice, a store recipe is quite suitable.

Hot Toddy

Hot toddy – the national drink of Great Britain with the addition of whiskey, the drink is very popular in the cold season.

Hot Banana Cocktail

Hot banana cocktail – recipe for Mexican cuisine, for a cocktail you must take at least 70% chocolate.

Pumpkin Compote

Pumpkin compote – a recipe for German cuisine, you can cook a lot of dishes from pumpkin, and even compote.

Basil Liquor

Basil liquor – aromatic liqueur with a rich emerald green color is an excellent end to the evening.

Iced Hibiscus Tea

Iced Hibiscus Tea – summer, sun, heat, everyone is hiding in the cool, but there are those who are happy with this weather – this is hibiscus.

Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueur – if you think that coffee liqueur cannot be made at home, you are wrong.

Raisin Drink

Raisin drink - a recipe for cooking Jewish cuisine, cooked from a minimum amount of products.

Ginger Lemon Ale

Ginger lemon ale is a recipe for making an Indian drink made from ginger, lemon juice and a few peppercorns.

Mulled Wine (Glühwein)

Mulled wine (Glühwein) – traditionally served in kiosks at Christmas markets throughout Germany and Austria.

Moroccan Tea

Moroccan tea – a Moroccan drink recipe, a large amount of fresh mint is added to the tea.

Orange Drink

Orange drink – a drink recipe, don't be surprised - but 4 oranges really make 9 liters of the drink.

Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito or Nojito – a summer refreshing recipe that includes lime, mint, sugar and soda.

Sparkling Strawberry Punch

Sparkling strawberry punch – German cuisine recipe, light, but at the same time alcoholic drink made from strawberries, sugar and white wine.

Spicy Plum Compote

Spicy plum compote – a German cuisine recipe, the recipe is not for children, but for adults, since wine is used.

Quince Liqueur

Quince liqueur – a recipe for a delicious alcoholic drink from quince, vodka and sugar.

Egg Drink

Egg drink - a drink, a dish of British cuisine, an egg drink - very tasty and healthy.

Coffee Frappe

Coffee Frappe – a Greek cuisine recipe, Coffee Frappe is made from instant coffee, sugar, water and ice with the addition of milk or cream.