Mousse Dessert with Quince Marmalade

Mousse dessert with quince marmalade – recipe with photo, dessert
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Cooking Time:
1 hour 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
16 pcs
Medium recipe

Mousse dessert with quince marmalade – recipe for dessert based on Philadelphia cheese with quince marmalade, covered with mirror glaze. Quince marmalade can be replaced with any other, you can also use marmalade sweets.

Recipe Ingredients

For Cake
Butter 150 g
For Mousse
Sugar 3 tbsp
Milk 160 ml
Gelatin 2 tsp
Quince Marmalade 100-150 g
For Mirror Glaze
Water 45 ml
Sugar 90 g
Gelatin 7.2 g

Cooking Recipe

For the recipe mousse dessert with quince marmalade, at the beginning you need to prepare, so to speak, a substrate. Grind cookies into small crumbs and mix with softened butter. Cookies can be crushed with a rolling pin or in a mixer.

Transfer the prepared dough to a tray lined with foil, cling film or baking paper. Flatten the dough into a layer 5 mm thick and place in the refrigerator or freezer to harden. Next, cut out of the cake, using the recess of the substrate for the dessert.

Now you can cook the mousse itself. Mix the cheese with 80 ml of milk and beat lightly, but not too much, so as not to interrupt. Pour gelatin with the rest of cold milk (80 ml). When the gelatin swells, put it on a slow fire, add sugar and heat until sugar and gelatin are completely dissolved. Pour gelatin into cheese, add vanilla sugar and beat everything.

Put the prepared mousse into the silicone mold. Marmalade cut into small cubes and literally drown in mousse. Top the mousse with a cookie and butter crust. Place the dessert in the freezer and let it slow down well. To make it easier to move the dessert and not deform it, the silicone mold must first be placed on a tray or on a cutting board.

The dessert freezes well enough, but if the mousse has crawled out of the mold, after freezing it can be easily cut off. In order for the glaze to lay down better and evenly cover the surface, it is better to keep the dessert until the last in the freezer.

The mousse has frozen and now you can start the glaze. Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar and put on a slow fire. When the sugar dissolves, add condensed milk, mix and bring to 40-50°C (105-120°F). Pour gelatin with a small amount of cold water and set aside to swell. When gelatin swells, add it to a mixture of sugar and condensed milk, mix. Break the chocolate, add after the gelatin and beat with an immersion blender until smooth. To color the dessert in a beautiful color, you need to use food coloring, but condensed milk and white chocolate give a yellow color and, accordingly, when you add a dye, you will not get the perfect color. For this, titanium dioxide is used, it whitens the glaze, and after that food coloring is added. When whipping, the icing is covered with small bubbles so that they are not on the dessert, firstly, you need to beat holding the saucepan at an angle of about 45°. Secondly, you can not raise the immersion whisk above the icing, that is, carry it along the bottom of the saucepan. And thirdly, after whipping, strain the icing through a fine sieve.

To cover the dessert, the icing needs to be cooled to 35°C (95°F), if the icing is less than degrees, heat it in a water bath or over very low heat with a divider. Now you can take the dessert out of the freezer and immediately put it on the wire rack. Pour the prepared icing over the dessert and let it drain. Dessert can be glazed several times using the glaze that is glass. Reheat it and pour over the previous layer of glaze. Cut off the drops of icing from the bottom with a knife, put the dessert into paper molds and that's it, the dessert is ready, it can be served at the table.