Almond Paskha

Almond paskha – recipe with photo, Ukrainian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 kg

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Almond Paskha – an Ukrainian cuisine recipe, this curd dessert is cooked for Easter. Why is this particular paskha good? The curd mass is pasteurized after the curd and raw eggs are combined. After pasteurization, the shelf life of paskha is increased and it can be safely given to small children.

Almond paskha ingredients

Almond paskha recipe

Grind the cottage cheese through a sieve

To cook an Ukrainian cuisine recipe almond paskha, wipe the cottage cheese through a sieve.

Cottage cheese mixed with eggs

Add eggs, butter, sour cream, sugar to the mashed cottage cheese and mix. Put the curd mass on a slow fire and, without stopping stirring with a wooden spoon, warm up to the first bubbles.

Pasteurization of curd

Remove the curd mass from the heat and, without stopping interfering, cool. Pound the almonds in a mortar, but not to the finest crumbs, and mix with the curd mass.

Curd arranged in the form

Transfer the mass to the prepared form with a napkin, put oppression on top and place in the refrigerator for a day. After the time has passed, take out paskha on a dish and decorate with crushed almonds or multi-colored millet.

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