Nowruz Salad

Nowruz Salad – recipe with photo, Uzbek cuisine
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Cooking Time:
40 min.
Recipe Yield:
8 servings
Simple recipe

Nowruz Salad – en Uzbek cuisine recipe, the name of the salad speaks for itself, they are cooking it for the spring holiday – Nowruz Bayram. The salad is light, fresh, namely for freshness you miss in the winter. The appearance of radishes always suggests that winter has almost passed and that the long-awaited spring with the first vegetables and vitamins will soon come.

Recipe Ingredients
Radish 600 g
Lettuce 1 pcs
Eggs 3 pcs
Green Onions 3-4 pcs
Cilantro 3-4 twigs
Dill 3-4 twigs
Sour Cream 3-4 tbsp
Cooking Recipe

To cook the Uzbek recipe Nowruz Salad, wash, peel and cut the radishes into thin cubes.

Rinse lettuce, shake off excess water and cut into thin strips. Wash greens and onions and chop finely.

Hard-boiled eggs, peel and chop finely. Mix all the ingredients, salt, pepper, season with half the sour cream and mix. Before serving Nowruz Salad pour the remaining sour cream.