Salad "Mangal"

Salad "Mangal" – recipe with photo, Azerbaijani cuisine
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Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 6-8 servings

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In Armenian cuisine, barbecued vegetables are served on skewers. Sometimes they are finely chopped and served as a salad. Azerbaijani culinary experts slightly reworked the recipe for this dish, and they got their own traditional salad for barbecue from baked vegetables - "Mangal" salad.

Salad "Mangal" Ingredients

Salad "Mangal" Recipe


The mangal salad recipe is very simple, it is prepared for barbecue and it is very tasty. Shish kebab is cooked on coals, but until it comes to coals, you can bake vegetables on the fire and prepare a salad for the future barbecue.


Rinse eggplant, tomatoes, sweet pepper, bitter pepper and string on a skewer. Roast the vegetables until the skins are charred. After the vegetables are cooked, remove the skin from them and chop finely. Add chopped garlic, herbs, salt and oil. Mix everything well and that's it, salad is ready for barbecue.

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