Raw Eggplant Caviar

Raw Eggplant Caviar – recipe with photo, Georgian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1,5 kg

Georgian Food Recipes

Raw Eggplant Caviar – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, this caviar does not need to be boiled, only eggplants and sweet peppers are processed in it, and the rest of the vegetables are fresh. This caviar is very well suited for meat dishes, it can be served as a salad to barbecue or other meat dishes. To make the caviar brighter, you can use peppers of different colors when cooking.

Raw Eggplant Caviar Ingredients

Raw Eggplant Caviar Recipe

Finely chopped sweet pepper

For a Georgian cuisine recipe raw eggplant caviar, wash sweet pepper, finely chop, put in a preheated pan with vegetable oil and simmer over low heat until soft.

Finely chopped onion

Peel the onion, chop very finely, pour cold water over it and set aside for one hour. During this time, all excess bitterness will leave the onion, and then remove the onion from the water and squeeze it out.

Grated tomatoes

Wash and grate the tomatoes to make a puree. You can also twist the tomatoes in a meat grinder, but after removing the peel.

Baked eggplant

Wash the eggplants and, without removing the peel, bake in the oven or in a dry hot frying pan until they are almost charred. Remove the skin from the baked eggplant and chop the flesh.

Mixed vegetables

In a deep bowl, mix the prepared vegetables, salt and pepper, sprinkle with ground coriander and mix. Serve raw eggplant caviar cold with meat dishes.

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