Recipes with Coriander

Coriander – spice

Coriander (lat. Coriander) is an annual herbaceous plant in the celery family. Coriander is the seeds of the no less famous plant of cilantro. Coriander is widely used since ancient times and is one of the most ancient spices that has been used by people. The homeland of coriander is considered Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, but at the moment it is cultivated in all countries of the world.

Raw Eggplant Caviar

Raw eggplant caviar – Georgian cuisine recipe, baked eggplant with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and walnuts.


Adjika – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, this adjika is prepared without adding tomatoes, but on the basis of hot peppers and spices.

Salted Lemons

Salted lemons – a Moroccan cuisine recipe, salted lemons are used in the cooking of many Moroccan dishes.

Baked Pork Neck

Baked pork neck - the recipe is very simple, you only need a pork neck and a small amount of spices.


Shah-pumpkin - a recipe for cooking meat in a pumpkin with onion, fat and spices.

Beef Chop on the Bone

Beef chop on the bone – the recipe is very simple, you can use any spices, you can use only black pepper.

Simmered Duck with Cabbage

Simmered duck with cabbage - for this recipe, you can take an ordinary duck or an indo, the indo has more meat.

Pork Raxo

Pork Raxo is a Spanish cuisine recipe, a very easy and simple recipe with the aroma of spices and red wine.


Хинкали – блюдо грузинской кухни, которое готовится из пресного теста и начинки из фарша.

Chicken Satsivi

Chicken satsivi is a national dish of Georgian cuisine, served with gomi - corn porridge.