Fish Salad with Rice and Vegetables

Fish salad with rice and vegetables – recipe with photo, Indian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
4-6 servings
Medium recipe

Fish salad with rice and vegetables – an Indian cuisine recipe, an easy and at the same time hearty salad. For salad, you can use any white fish – cod, hake, pollock, etc.

Recipe Ingredients
White Fish 400 g
Tomatoes 1 pcs
Onion 1 pcs
Bell Pepper 1 pcs
Dill 2-3 twigs
Lemon 0.5 pcs
Cooking Recipe

To cook an Indian cuisine recipe fish salad with rice and vegetables, wash the bell peppers, bake in the oven, cool, peel and chop finely. Boil the fish in salted water. When the fish is boiled, cool and cut into small pieces.

Peel the onion, chop finely and fry until golden brown in vegetable oil.

Boil the washed rice until tender and cool.

In a deep bowl, combine the rice with fish, fried onions, baked peppers, finely chopped tomato and chopped dill. Cut a thin circle from half of the lemon, and squeeze the juice from the remaining lemon into the salad, salt and mix. Cooked fish salad put in a salad bowl, garnish with a lemon circle and serve.