Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwiches – recipe with photo, spanish cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 4 serving

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Chicken Sandwiches – a recipe for Spanish cuisine, another tapas - an appetizer, you can take a loaf or a baguette for a sandwich. Such sandwiches can be prepared for breakfast by boiling the thighs in the evening. You can use other parts of the chicken, but there is more meat in the thighs.

Chicken Sandwiches Ingredients

Chicken Sandwiches Recipe


For the Spanish recipe chicken sandwich, boil the thighs. Separate the pulp from the bones and skin, finely chop and mix with mayonnaise.


Spread a layer of chicken and mayonnaise mixture on a slice of bread. When serving, arrange sandwiches with chicken, olives and herbs.

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