Hand-rolled sushi (temaki-zushi)

Hand-rolled sushi (temaki-zushi) – recipe with photo, Japanese cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
4-6 servings
Medium recipe

Hand-rolled sushi (temaki-zushi) is a recipe of Japanese cuisine, this sushi is formed by guests themselves from su-mesi, fish, vegetables and seafood. Temaki-zushi can consist of different products, and you will agree that it is quite interesting when talking with friends to put all the ingredients on the table and everyone, and not just you, makes sushi for himself.

Recipe Ingredients

Cucumbers 1 pcs
Avocado 0,5 pcs
For Sumeshi Rice
Water 250 ml
Kombu 5 cm
Rice Vinegar 3 tbsp
Powdered Sugar 7.5 tsp
Salt 2 tbsp

Cooking Recipe

For the temaki-zushi recipe, you first need to cook the rice correctly. Rinse the rice several times until the water runs clear. Transfer the rice to a sieve and set aside for 1 hour. Then put the rice in a saucepan, pour in water, add kombu and put on medium heat, covered with a lid. When the water boils, remove the algae, reduce the fire to a minimum and cook for another 10-12 minutes, until all the liquid has evaporated. In a separate bowl, mix vinegar, sugar and salt. When the rice has cooled slightly, mix it with the vinegar mixture.

While the rice is cooking, you can prepare the rest of the ingredients. Wash the cucumber, dry it, cut it in half lengthwise and slice it very thinly. Peel the avocado and cut into thin slices. Cut the salmon into cubes or thin petals. Place all chopped products on separate plates and put on the table.

Also put on the table ready rice, wasabi, soy sauce, nori sheets, after cutting them into 4 parts, and green onion feathers. Each guest, taking a sheet of nori in his palm, can put 3 tbsp on it. rice and spread it over the sheet.

Top the rice with a small amount of wasabi, and then lay out the filling and roll it into a cone. Dip sushi in soy sauce and eat. After each sushi it is recommended to use pickled ginger to refresh the palate. You can also use shrimp, tuna and other products for the filling.