Recipes with Cucumbers

Cucumbers – recipe ingredient

Cucumbers have been known to mankind since ancient times and have been successfully used as a food product. Cucumbers are almost entirely made up of water, but include healthy compounds, vitamins, carotene and trace elements. Cucumbers serve as an excellent ingredient for salads in many national cuisines, and are also included in many other recipes, pickles and saltes.

Ebi-Tempura Roll

Ebi-tempura roll is a Japanese recipe made from batter-fried shrimp, cucumber and red caviar.

Kimbap with Mackerel

Kimbap with mackerel is a Korean recipe, very simple and satisfying with simple ingredients.

Spring Rolls with Red Fish

Spring Rolls with Red Fish – Recipe of Chinese cuisine, such rolls are very popular, they are easy to prepare, they are very beautiful.

Kappa Maki Roll

Kappa maki roll - a recipe for Japanese cuisine, the roll is very simple, anyone can cook it.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon sashimi is a Japanese recipe, sashimi is very easy to cook, the main thing is to cut it thinly and lay it beautifully.

Okroshka on Whey

Okroshka on Whey – cold soup recipe, delicious okroshka can be prepared not only on kvass, but also on whey.

Salad of Beets and Cucumbers

Salad of beets and cucumbers – Belarusian cuisine recipe, boiled beetroot salad, fresh sliced cucumbers, onions and eggs.

Crab Salad

Crab salad – salad recipe, a very popular salad of the late eighties.

Nezhinsky Cucumber Salad

Nezhinsky cucumber salad – a cucumbers preservation recipe for the winter in the form of a salad, with the addition of onions and spices.

Kheera Raita

Kheera raita – a national dish of Indian cuisine, which is a soup of grated cucumbers in mint yogurt.

Potato Salad

The base for <strong>potato salad</strong> is potatoes and onions, and all other ingredients may vary depending on the season and taste.

Yerevan Salad

Yerevan salad – an Armenian cuisine recipe, summer, fresh salad from readily available products.


Ovdukh – cold Azerbaijani summer soup based on kefir, herbs and cucumbers, sometimes kefir is diluted with water.

Greek Salad

Greek salad is easy and quick to cook, the main ingredients in its composition are olives and feta cheese.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber sandwiches – a traditional English food recipe, sandwiches are served with tea, cut into triangles.