Cucumber and Kefir Salad

Cucumber and kefir salad – recipe with photo, Jewish cuisine
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Cooking Time:
20 min.
Recipe Yield:
2-4 servings
Medium recipe

Cucumber and kefir salad – an easy and simple recipe for Jewish cuisine, kefir in a salad can be replaced with yogurt.

Recipe Ingredients

Cucumbers 2 pcs
Bell Pepper 1 pcs
Mint 1 twig
Dill 1-2 twigs
Kefir 1 tbsp

Cooking Recipe

For a Jewish recipe cucumber and kefir salad, wash and peel the cucumbers. Wash the pepper, remove the seeds and cut into slices. Finely chop the mint and dill.

Cut the cucumbers into slices and mix with prepared peppers and herbs. Salad pepper, salt, season with kefir, let stand in a cool place, and then serve.