Omelet Roll (Tamagoyaki)

Omelet Roll (Tamagoyaki) – recipe with photo, japanese cuisine
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Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 4 servings

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Omelet Roll (Tamagoyaki) – a Japanese recipe, making an omelette is not so difficult, the Japanese cook it on square or rectangular pans (tamago-yaki-nabe), however, it also turns out fine in a round pan. Mirin can be replaced with white table wine with a little sugar.

Ingredients Omelet Roll (Tamagoyaki)

Recipe Omelet Roll (Tamagoyaki)

Japanese omelette eggs

For the omelette roll recipe, add soy sauce, powdered sugar, salt, mirin or wine to the eggs and beat lightly. It is not necessary to whip into a lush foam, it is enough that all the products are mixed into a homogeneous mass. Heat a frying pan, brush with vegetable oil and pour a small amount of the egg mixture onto it. The amount of liquid poured out depends on the diameter of the pan. The egg mixture should cover the bottom of the pan by literally 1 mm.

Forming an omelet roll

When the omelet begins to set, use chopsticks or a spatula to roll it into a roll. It is more convenient to do this in the direction away from you. Move the roll to the edge, but so that it remains straight and not bent, and pour a small amount of the egg mixture into the freed part of the pan. The roll is easy to lift so that the mixture can flow under it. When the second omelette is half cooked, you can continue the folding process. Move the newly formed roll to the edge of the pan and pour in a small amount of the egg mixture. Continue like this until all the egg mixture is gone. At the end, the roll can be held a little in the pan on all sides until golden brown. You can lubricate with oil before each omelet or across one.

Omelette roll

An omelette should not be dry, and at the same time, it should not be greasy. Transfer the finished roll to a mat covered with cling film or paper towel, tightly wrap the roll in a mat and let stand for 5-10 minutes. After the omelette roll, cut into slices, put on portioned plates and serve. Serve tamago with grated daikon and green onions, or with soy sauce and shiso leaves.

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