Pork Cutlet (Donkkaseu)

Pork cutlet (Donkkaseu) – recipe with photo, Korean food
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
4 порции
Medium recipe

Pork cutlet (Donkkaseu) – a Korean food recipe, one of the nomad recipes. The Japanese at one time liked a dish like schnitzel, and so the Japanese cutlet “Tonkatsu” appeared. In turn, Korean liked the Japanese cutlet, and so the Donkkaseu dish appeared. The word "Donkkaseu" – the strange word "Don" is based on the Chinese character "pork", and "kkaseu" is taken from the Japanese "katsu", which is their borrowed word "cutlet".

Recipe Ingredients

Pork Loin 500 g
Breadcrumbs 500 g
Wheat Flour 100 g
Eggs 3 pcs
Corn Oil 750 ml

Cooking Recipe

To cook a Korean dish, wash the pork cutlet pork loin and chop finely. The finer the pork cut, the tastier the cutlets will be.

After cutting, pork must be beaten off. This can be done with the back of the knife or with a special hammer for beating meat.

Repulsed chops put on the cutting board and sprinkle one side with salt and black pepper. After roll cutlets in flour on both sides.

Drive eggs into a separate bowl and mix with a fork. After flour dip the patties in the egg on all sides.

And last, after the eggs roll the cutlets in breadcrumbs.

On this journey of cutlets on plates is over. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan. Put prepared patties in a pan and fry on both sides until golden.

After frying, put the patties in a sieve and drain the excess fat. Do not put it on a paper towel, as the grease from the towels will be absorbed back into the patties.

After excess oil drains, pork cutlets cut into strips and serve with sauce and rice, garnished with green onions or other greens.