Recipes with Sake

Sake – recipe ingredient

Sake is one of the traditional Japanese alcoholic drinks obtained by fermenting wort based on rice and steamed rice malt. Sake is a national Japanese alcoholic beverage, the taste of which may include sherry and pleasantly bitter tones, notes of grapes, apples and bananas. In the best varieties of sake, there is a taste of ripened cheese, soy sauce and fresh mushrooms. Color from transparent (colorless) to greenish-lemon and yellowish-amber.

Yakitori Sauce

Yakitori sauce – sauce recipe, in Japan they are coated with meat for cooking kebabs.

Tangerines in Syrup

Tangerines in Syrup (kinkan kanro-ni) – a Japanese cuisine recipe, this is a kind of dessert that has a sweetish, bitter taste, with a delicate aroma of anise.