Recipes with Raw Smoked Sausage

Raw smoked sausage – recipe ingredient

Raw smoked sausage is one of the types of sausage products. Raw smoked sausage is prepared from minced meat with the addition of various spices and brandy. Cooking of smoked sausage is cold smoked at 20-25 degrees for 30-40 days. During this time, the meat is fermented and dehydrated. Raw smoked sausage has a very bright taste due to the large number of spices, so it must be used very carefully when cooking dishes so as not to clog the rest of the ingredients.

Gnocchi Ingrassato

Gnocchi Ingrassato – simple and very satisfying bread recipe, raw smoked sausage can be replaced with any other dried meat.

Salad "Old Munich"

Salad "Old Munich" – German cuisine recipe, you can take any hard cheese for salad.

Sausage Mushroom Pizza

Sausage mushroom pizza is a recipe of Italian cuisine, quite familiar products and, probably, everyone's favorite pizza.


Machanka is a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, this dish is usually served with pancakes and pickled vegetables.

Sausage Soup with Vegetables

Sausage soup with vegetables – a German cuisine recipe, this soup is best cooked in the winter season, it is very satisfying.