Recipes with Smalec

Smalec – recipe ingredient

Smalec - pork fat is extracted from the perineal part of the pork carcass. Smalec is reheated, similarly to butter. Ready-made smalec was previously poured into home-made sausages for long-term storage. Smalec, or melted pork fat, is considered one of the best animal fats by nutritional value, with the exception of butter. Smalec is widely used in cooking, but only in countries where religion allows. Smalec is added in the cooking of various kinds of meat, cereals and other things.

Gnocchi Ingrassato

Gnocchi Ingrassato – simple and very satisfying bread recipe, raw smoked sausage can be replaced with any other dried meat.


Tortilla is a thin flatbread made from corn and wheat flour. Oddly enough, tortilla was cooked not only in Mexico, but also in America, and in Canada.

Beans in a Pot

Beans in a pot - a recipe for a Mexican dish, beans in a pot is one of the main ingredients.

Mushroom Quesadillas

Mushroom quesadillas - a recipe for Mexican cuisine, mainly this dish is cooked in the summer, any mushrooms.

French Cracklings

French cracklings - a recipe for French cuisine, cracklings are cooked from the thick edge of the pork belly with garlic and herbs

Ham Wellington

Ham Wellington is a British recipe, pork ham baked in rye dough with a little spice.

Refried Beans

Refried beans - a Mexican recipe, usually beans are fried in fat, but it can be replaced with vegetable oil.

Kidney Pie

Veal kidney pie is a closed savory calf's kidney pie with meat. Hearty and tasty cake.

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok)

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok) – recipe for pumpkin soup of Belarusian cuisine with the addition of whey and celery greens.