Recipes with Frankfurter Sausages

Frankfurter sausages – recipe ingredient

Frankfurter sausages – sausage product, which is made from chopped cooked meat or its substitutes. It is a small sausage, however, unlike ordinary sausages, sausages are eaten after some heat treatment (cooking, frying). Sausages are very common in many camps like fast food.

Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread – Korean food recipe, very popular in Korean bakeries.

Chili Hot Dog

Chili hot dog – Gordon Ramsay's recipe, the chef never ceases to amaze with the variety of dishes.

Sausages in Dough

Sausages in dough - an American cuisine recipe, sausages wrapped in dough, deep-fried.

Potato Hot Dog

Frankfurter sausages in potato dough or potato hot dog - a recipe tasty, satisfying and easy to cook.

Stuffed Baguette

Stuffed baguette is a French cuisine recipe that can be prepared a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Sausages with Cheese

Sausages with cheese - a recipe for German cuisine, it is better to take thin sausages, and approximately 10-15 cm in length.

Sausage Soup with Vegetables

Sausage soup with vegetables – a German cuisine recipe, this soup is best cooked in the winter season, it is very satisfying.

Hot Dog

Hot dog – probably one of the most popular recipes in American cuisine, the classic go-dog - bun, sausage, ketchup and mustard.