Recipes with Dried Thyme

Dried thyme – recipe ingredient

Dried thyme is a very useful spice, it can be used not only in fresh form, but also harvested by drying. The dried thyme is equally fragrant, and can also be used by adding in the cooking of various dishes. Thyme can be dried with twigs, combining them with twine, it is also possible to finely chop fresh thyme, dried in a dryer or in the sun, and then stored in a dry rag bag.

Turkey Jerky

Turkey jerkyt – you can dry any meat, the turkey is dried very quickly.

Ham and Bacon Pea Soup

Ham and bacon pea soup – first dish according to the Swedish cuisine recipe. Pea ham soup is not only delicious but also extremely nourishing.

Bohemian Eggplant

Bohemian eggplant – French cuisine recipe, tender eggplants with crispy cheese crust, what could be better.

Quince Chutney

Quince chutney is Indian cuisine recipe, chutney can be cooked from any vegetables and fruits, served with rice, chicken and other dishes.

French Cracklings

French cracklings - a recipe for French cuisine, cracklings are cooked from the thick edge of the pork belly with garlic and herbs

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes (Tamatar pakora) - Indian cuisine recipe, unexpectedly interesting green tomato appetizer.

Greek Dolma in Grape Leaves

Greek dolma in grape leaves - a Greek cuisine recipe, dolma is served with sour cream mixed with fresh mint and parsley.

Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad

Bavarian sauerkraut salad – a recipe for German cuisine, such a salad can be served both warm and chilled.