Soup Recipes

Chicken Chowder

Chicken chowder – recipe of Belarusian cuisine, stew is prepared on the basis of chicken and mushroom broth.


Lagman – These are noodles with a gravy of meat and vegetables, the noodles practically float in a lot of liquid.


Chikhirtma – georgian cuisine recipe, chikhirtma - light, but at the same time hearty soup.

Onion Soup

Onion soup – first course, traditional french cuisine recipe.

Borscht with Meat and Pampushka

Borscht with meat and pampushka – одно из национальных блюд и визитная карточка украинской кухни.


Zhur – Belarusian national dish of strained oatmeal infusion.


Rassolnik – Russian dish, soup based on pickled cucumbers, and optionally with the addition of cucumber pickle.


Gazpacho – fresh vegetable soup. Initially, gazpacho was prepared in regions of Spain with especially hot summers.