Soup Recipes

Pea Soup with Carrots

Pea soup with carrots – an Indian cuisine recipe, so that the peas are well boiled, they are salted after cooking, and not during boiling


Shurpa-kainatma – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, vegetables for shurpa are cut in large pieces, potatoes are cut in half.

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur)

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur) – an Armenian cuisine recipe, the soup is very hearty, thick, rich, this soup is often prepared for Zatik (Easter).

Easter Chicken Soup

Easter chicken soup – a Bulgarian cuisine recipe, light and at the same time hearty soup prepared from chicken giblets.

Mushroom Borsch with "Ears"

Mushroom borsch with "ears" – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, ears are cooked with buckwheat filling and serve as a good addition to borsch.


Khash – a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine, khash is very good in the cool season, khash is served for breakfast.

Dashi Broth

Dashi broth – a recipe for Japanese cuisine, in Japan, a lot of dishes are cooked on the basis of dashi.

Lentil Chowder

Lentil chowder – French cuisine recipe, for soup you can take any part of chicken or chicken.

Lentil Soup with Croutons

Lentil soup with croutons – a recipe for Turkish cuisine, maybe the soup looks not very beautiful, but very tasty.

Nettle Soup

Nettle soup – a recipe for Russian cuisine, a number of dishes can be prepared from nettle, from salad to soup.

Broth with Omelette

Broth with omelette – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, boiled chicken can be served separately or cooked as a separate dish.

Potato Soup with Dumplings

Potato soup with dumplings – a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, a light and tasty soup, it can be cooked on water or chicken broth.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Turkish red lentil soup – mercimek corbasi turkish cuisine recipe, mercimek corbasi - this is how this puree soup is called in Turkey.