Soup Recipes

Pea Soup with Nuts

Pea soup with nuts – recipe of Armenian cuisine, thanks to the nuts, the soup acquires an interesting taste.

Shchi from Sour Cabbage

Shchi from sour cabbage – Russian cuisine recipe, cabbage soup is served with buckwheat croutons or porridge.

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok)

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok) – recipe for pumpkin soup of Belarusian cuisine with the addition of whey and celery greens.

Sorrel and Leek Soup

Sorrel and leek soup – рецепт английской кухни, подают суп-пюре в горячем виде со сливками.

Barley Soup with Tarragon

Barley soup with tarragon – light and hearty French soup made from pearl barley and green tarragon leaves.


Tarator – a national dish of Bulgarian cuisine, tarator is prepared in summer in hot weather and served cold.

Beef Kidney Soup

Beef kidney soup – English cuisine recipe, the soup is very simple, but tasty and satisfying.

Zucchini Soup

Zucchini soup – a recipe for Bulgarian cuisine, a light summer soup that can be served not only hot, but also chilled.

Soup Curry

Soup curry – Indian cuisine recipe, fragrant, thick and very tasty curry soup will not leave anyone indifferent.

Madrid Garlic Soup

Madrid garlic soup – a recipe for Spanish cuisine, a kind of garlic and toast soup.

Cold Sorrel Soup

Cold sorrel soup – a dish of Jewish cuisine, a simple and light summer soup seasoned with sour cream if desired.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is very easy and quick to cook, fried tortillas are added to the finished soup.


Dushbara – The national dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, dushbara is an Azerbaijani soup with dumplings.