Soup with Brisket and Beans (Chorba)

Soup with brisket and beans (Chorba) – recipe with photo, Moldovan cuisine
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Cooking Time:
2 hours
Recipe Yield:
5 l
Medium recipe

Soup with brisket and beans (Chorba) – this is a hearty and very tasty Moldovan soup. Of course, a dish like chorba cannot be called an easy or quick recipe, but it is worth it.

Recipe Ingredients

Cooking Recipe

For soup with brisket and beans (Chorba) soak the beans in cold water for 5-8 hours. Sliced ​​brisket with a little fry with beans. Transfer the beans with the brisket to a saucepan, pour two liters of water and cook until the beans are cooked.

Chop two types of onions and carrots, and then fry in vegetable oil.

After the beans are cooked, add the peeled and chopped potatoes, after 15 minutes add the fried vegetables and add the tomato puree.

Boil kvass and add to the soup at the end of cooking, then put bay leaf, ground black pepper, salt and herbs. Moldavian chorba soup can be served.