Recipes with Potatoes

Potatoes – recipe ingredient

Potato is a valuable food product; potato tubers are eaten in many countries of the world, becoming for many the second bread. Today, potatoes have spread all over the world and have become, for example, the hallmark of Belarusian cuisine, despite the fact that potatoes come from America. Potatoes are used as a separate product, and an incredible number of recipes are also cooked from it.

Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable cutlets - a Greek recipe made from vegetables, mushrooms and oatmeal.

Easy Baked Lemon Chicken

Easy baked lemon chicken - a recipe for a main dish, a recipe without problems and with a minimum of participation.

Juicy Chicken with Potatoes

Juicy chicken with potatoes is a Chinese cuisine recipe, in China they believe that chicken meat is good to eat in winter.

Chips Nests with Eggs

Chips Nests with Eggs – a very appetizing and at the same time fun dish that you can offer your children for Easter.

Vegetable Casserole

Vegetable Casserole – one of the ancient recipes, casseroles in Italy were in great demand even during the Renaissance.

Okroshka on Whey

Okroshka on Whey – cold soup recipe, delicious okroshka can be prepared not only on kvass, but also on whey.

Soup with Semolina

Soup with Semolina – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, easy to prepare and very hearty soup.

Salad Herring under a Coat

Salad herring under a coat – the recipe is very similar to the Jewish recipe, but without the addition of apples.

Salad "Cabbage under a Coat"

Salad "cabbage under a coat" – lettuce, so to speak, from the remains of the well-known herring under a fur coat. My mom's recipe.

Herring Under a Fur Coat

Herring under a fur coat – a recipe for Jewish cuisine, a salad of salted herring, which is under a layer of boiled vegetables.

Soviet Olivier Salad

Salad "Olivier" - a recipe for the Soviet version of the salad with the same name - this is probably the most popular salad that was then prepared for the New Year.

Pork-Beef Cutlets

Pork-beef cutlets - a recipe for the main course, the cutlets use combined minced meat with the addition of onions, eggs and stale white bread

Mimosa salad

Salad "Mimosa" - a salad recipe is a very simple and light salad, the main thing is not to confuse the order of laying out the products.