Recipes with Leek

Leek – recipe ingredient

Leek (Latin Āllium pōrrum) – one of the varieties of onions, widely used in cooking. Leek has been known since ancient times and has long been used in many national cuisines of the world. Leeks are distinguished by thick tender bases of leaves, it is this white part of the leek that is eaten. Leek is used raw, cooked or fried in many recipes.

Chicken Soup with Leek

Chicken soup with leek – a recipe for Scottish cuisine, prunes give the soup an interesting and rich taste.

Jellied Carp

Jellied carp – Russian cuisine recipe, how can you celebrate the New Year without jellied fish?

Quiche with Sausages and Broccoli

Quiche with sausages and broccoli - a recipe for American cuisine, shortbread dough, sausages can be replaced with minced meat, broccoli can be disassembled.

Bacon and Leeks Quiche

Bacon and leek quiche - a recipe for a savory French cuisine pie made from shortcrust or puff pastry.

Stewed Seaweed with Pork

Stewed seaweed with pork is a Japanese recipe, if it is impossible to find mirin, it can be replaced with dry white wine.

Sorrel and Leek Soup

Sorrel and leek soup – рецепт английской кухни, подают суп-пюре в горячем виде со сливками.

Barley Soup with Tarragon

Barley soup with tarragon – light and hearty French soup made from pearl barley and green tarragon leaves.