Thick Soup with Millet

Thick Soup with Millet – recipe with photo, Uzbek cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 3 l

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Thick Soup with Millet – uzbek cuisine recipe, low-fat lamb or beef soup is prepared.

Thick Soup with Millet Ingredients

Thick Soup with Millet Recipe


For the thick millet soup recipe, heat a frying pan, add dry millet to it and fry lightly. After roasting millet, cool and rinse 2-3 times in cold water.


Melt the butter in a deep cauldron or brazier, add lamb or beef cut into small pieces and fry lightly. Next, add finely chopped onions, chopped carrots, diced potatoes to the meat and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Pour stewed vegetables and meat with 3 liters of water, mix, cover, let it boil and add millet.


Cook soup for another 15-20 minutes over medium heat. Pour the finished soup into bowls, season with salt, sprinkle with ground paprika and serve hot.

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