Recipes with Dried Rosemary

Dried rosemary – recipe ingredient

Dried rosemary is a widely used spice for making marinades. When dried, the rosemary sprigs do not lose their aroma at all, they add a subtle note of freshness to the dish. Very well dried rosemary is suitable for cooking fish or preparing various types of sausages.

Turkey Jerky

Turkey jerkyt – you can dry any meat, the turkey is dried very quickly.

Lentil Cutlets

Lentil cutlets - a recipe for raw foodists, from lentils, nuts and various spices.

Beef Chop on the Bone

Beef chop on the bone – the recipe is very simple, you can use any spices, you can use only black pepper.


Verzere is a national dish of Moldovan cuisine, a kind of pies with cabbage.