Recipes with Egg White

Egg white – recipe Ingredient

Egg white is one of the constituent eggs consisting of white and yolk. Egg white is usually used as part of eggs in cooking, but some recipes require egg white separated from the yolk. For example, in cooking, egg white is used to make various creams that use whipped egg white, as well as in many other recipes.

Cake Pigeon's Milk

Cake Pigeon's Milk – a very popular cake in Soviet times was invented by a confectioner at the Prague restaurant.


Meringues – a French cuisine recipe, a sweet dessert, meringues are made from egg whites and sugar.

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry sorbet is a dessert recipe that can be cooked not only from fresh fruits, but also from frozen ones

Swedish Gingerbread House

Swedish gingerbread house – a Swedish cuisine recipe, a gingerbread house is prepared for Christmas, it can be decorated with glaze.

Thin Walnut Cake

Thin walnut cake - a recipe for making a confectionery product, the cake is very tasty.

Bourdaloue Pear Pie

Bourdaloue pear pie is a French cuisine recipe, the basis of the pie is shortcrust pastry, almond cream and pears.

Royal Easter Cake

Royal Easter cake - a recipe for russian cuisine, Easter cake is prepared for Easter, with candied fruits, raisins, covered with icing on top.

Coconut Cookies

Coconut biscuits are a recipe for Jewish cuisine, such biscuits are prepared for the Pesach holiday and stored afterward in glassware.

Buckwheat Drachena

Buckwheat drachena - a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, the dough in drachen is not completely approached, but slightly sour.

Apricot Pennik

Apricot Pennik – a recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, a very delicate dessert with a delicate taste and aroma of apricots.

Apple Dessert

Apple Dessert – airy and light dish based on egg whites, apples and sugar.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house – a recipe for German cuisine, it is very good to decorate a house with children - they will like it.


Nougat – a confection of Italian cuisine, although the French dispute this fact, nougat is made from walnuts.

Black Forest Cherry Cake

Black Forest cherry cake – German cuisine recipe, airy, delicate and very tasty cake with cherry liqueur.

Pastila with Egg Whites

Pastila with Egg Whites – the recipe for cooking Russian cuisine, in Russia, namely in Kolomna, pastila began to be prepared from the 14th century.