Frozen Black Currant

Frozen black currant – recipe with photo, food preservation for the winter
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1 kg

Frozen black currant – food preservation recipe for the winter, black currant is very useful and you want to keep as many vitamins in it as possible, but they are so lacking in winter. A very good and inexpensive way is freezing. Black currant tolerates freezing very well, does not lose nutrients and retains its unique taste. You can cook anything from frozen black currant in the future, or you can cook nothing, but just eat it in winter.

Frozen black currant ingredients

Frozen black currant recipe

Preparing black currants for freezing

To make a frozen black currant recipe, sort out the black currants, wash, drain and remove all tails with scissors. The black currants must be completely dry before freezing, or you can place the black currants on a paper towel and blot dry.

Black currant in a freezer container

Transfer dry black currants into a container and cover with a lid, if the container is without a lid, it can be covered with stretch wrap. If a suitable container is not available, black currants can be placed in a plastic bag and frozen in it.

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