Black Currant Grated with Sugar

Black currant grated with sugar – recipe with photo, food preservation for the winter
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
2 l
Medium recipe

Black currant grated with sugar – another black currants preservation recipe for the winter. This method of preservating black currants allows you to save more vitamin C, which it contains. In order not to destroy vitamin C during cooking, black currants do not need to be twisted in a meat grinder, otherwise the amount of vitamin C can be significantly reduced during oxidation. It is best to grind the currants in a glass dish using a wooden crush or a wooden spoon. So that black currants, grated with sugar, do not ferment, sugar should be used twice as much as berries.

Recipe Ingredients

Sugar 2 kg

Cooking Recipe

To cook a black currants, ground with sugar recipe, sort the berries, rinse, settle all unnecessary and dry well.

Pour a small amount of black currant, a little sugar into a glass dish and grind with a wooden spoon or wooden crush, adding berries and sugar each time.

When the berries are completely grinded, add the remaining sugar and mix everything well.

Wash and sterilize jars for black currant, ground with sugar. Put currants in prepared jars, cover with a small layer of sugar on top and seal or cover with nylon lids. Stored black currant grated with sugar in a pantry or refrigerator.