Dried Zucchini

Dried zucchini – recipe with photo, food preservation for the winter
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Cooking Time:
30 min.
Recipe Yield:
100 g
Simple recipe

Dried zucchini – a zucchini preservation recipe for the winter, it would seem – why dry zucchini, what can be cooked from them? However, you can make a wonderful mushroom soup from dried zucchini and mushroom cubes. Dried zucchini will absorb the aroma of the mushroom cube and will look like mushrooms. Since dried zucchini swells well, they can be added during frying to minced meat – a kind of stew of minced meat and vegetables, add pasta and you get a completely edible dish. Now we are spoiled by freezers and shops where you can buy everything fresh all year round, before our ancestors dried many vegetables, and in winter they soaked them and cooked various dishes.

Recipe Ingredients

Cooking Recipe

For dried zucchini recipe for the winter, choose zucchini varieties with small seeds. You can take both large and small zucchini. Wash the squash, dry it and cut the peel with a vegetable peeler.

After the courgette, cut. You can cut the zucchini into cubes or slices as you like. Cut zucchini can be dried in a vegetable dryer, or in the oven at 40°C (105°F). You can also string the zucchini on a string and dry it like mushrooms. You can put the zucchini on paper or cheesecloth. Choose for yourself which drying method suits you best. Dried zucchini can be stored in a jar or paper bag.