Brined Apples

Brined Apples – recipe with photo, Ukrainian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 20 l

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Brined Apples – recipe for cooking Ukrainian cuisine, sweet and sour apples, such as, for example, "Antonovka" or "Pepinka", are well suited for brined. Of course, everyone is accustomed to using brined cucumbers as a snack, but brined apples are also very good, and if they are still made from aromatic varieties, this is something at all. Apples are fermented mainly in barrels, but in urban settings, cans are fine.

Brined Apples Ingredients

Brined Apples Recipe


For a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine brined apples, you need to select healthy ripe apples and wash them well under running water. Now it is necessary to determine in which container the apples will be fermented. If in glass jars, then rinse the jars well, if in barrels, then they must be pre-steamed well.


The bottom of the cans or barrels, if possible, can be lined with straw, then the apples can be laid, alternating layers with black currant leaves or cherry leaves. Place apples for brined not to the very top, so that there is room for oppression.


For brined apples brine, dissolve the flour in a small amount of cold water, and then brew 300 ml of boiling water. Then add sugar, salt and steamed flour to the water. Mix everything well until completely dissolved and pour apples with this brine.


Barrels or jars of apples are left warm for 4-5 days until the apples stop making noise. During this time, the apples will absorb some of the brine, then they need to be covered with straw, if any, and a board and load should be put on top.


Move the apples to a cool place and within 35-40 days brined apples will be ready.

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