Recipes with Celery Leaves

Celery leaves – recipe ingredient

Celery leaves, like the rest of its parts, are widely used in cooking. Celery leaves resemble parsley leaves, but differ in size and taste. Celery leaves have a wide range of vitamins and other beneficial substances, like the whole celery. Celery leaves are used in many dishes of national cuisines of the world - in recipes for salads and other dishes.


Guacamole – a Mexican cuisine traditional recipe, this is an appetizer, and a sauce, and a dressing for some dishes.

Eggplant Satsivi

Eggplant satsivi – a Georgian cuisine recipe, although everyone knows that the classic satsivi is made from turkey.

Green Ajika

Green ajika – Georgian sauce recipe, green adjika is made from fresh green hot peppers, herbs and spices.

Eggplant with Ricotta

Eggplant with ricotta - a recipe with two types of cheese, choose the second cheese yourself, it can be parmesan or mozzarella.

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok)

Pumpkin Soup (Garbuzok) – recipe for pumpkin soup of Belarusian cuisine with the addition of whey and celery greens.

Salting Zucchini

Salting Zucchini – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, zucchini should be salted later than cucumbers, and consumed earlier.

Green Salty Tomatoes

Green salty tomatoes - a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, salted tomatoes according to this recipe are almost barrel-cooked.