Salting Tomatoes with Cold Water

Salting Tomatoes with Cold Water – recipe with photo, Moldavian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
2 l
Simple recipe

Salting Tomatoes with Cold Water – recipe for cooking Moldovan cuisine, such pickled tomatoes must be stored in a cold cellar. For pickling tomatoes for the winter in jars, this is a very easy and simple recipe, in summer it is already so hot, and it was not enough to fry when preparing the brine. Therefore, cold pickling of tomatoes is very convenient in hot weather.

Recipe Ingredients

Tomatoes 600 g
Hot Pepper 2 pcs
Garlic 2 cloves
Dill 3 twigs
Celery Leaves 1 twig
Water 1 l
Salt 100 g

Cooking Recipe

For a recipe for Moldovan cuisine cold pickling of tomatoes, wash the tomatoes in cold water.

Put a sprig of green dill, celery leaves, one hot pepper pod, two cloves of garlic on the bottom of a sterilized jar. Place the tomatoes tightly on top of the spices.

In a separate bowl, dissolve salt in water, pour over tomatoes with this brine, cover loosely with lids and leave to ferment for 7 days.

After the time has passed, add brine to the tomatoes, remove the mold, wipe the neck with a paper towel, cover salted tomatoes with a metal lid, cork and store in a cold cellar.