Recipes with Lemon Zest

Lemon zest – recipe ingredient

Lemon zest – the outer layer of the skin of lemons, which has a bright color and contains a large amount of essential oils. Lemon zest is used to make spirits and liquors. In cooking, lemon peel is used more often than peel of other citrus fruits, and is part of many recipes from fish, poultry, meat, vegetables and fruits, lemon peel is used in some recipes for soups.

Bilberries Lemon Pie

Bilberries lemon pie is an Italian recipe, a simple and at the same time bright pie with blueberries and lemon glaze.

Cookies "Canestrelli"

Cookies "Canestrelli" – recipe for Italian pastry, the name of the cookie is from the word canestro, which means basket.

Bulgarian Apple Jam

Bulgarian apple jam – Bulgarian cuisine recipe, apples in jam look like candied fruits.

Kheera Raita

Kheera raita – a national dish of Indian cuisine, which is a soup of grated cucumbers in mint yogurt.

Quince Pie with Liquor

Quince pie with liquor – a recipe of Jewish cuisine, a gentle cream with quince on a shortbread cake, it tastes just fantastic.

Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are a Japanese recipe served cold with a dipping sauce in the summer.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies according to the recipe of Ukrainian culinary specialists are easy to prepare and go well with tea or coffee.

Lemon Butter Crackers

Lemon butter crackers - an Indian recipe, the crackers are deep fried until light golden brown.

Honey Lemon Muffins

Honey lemon muffins - A British recipe, light, airy cupcakes with a pleasant aroma of honey and lemon.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a recipe for American cuisine, the simplicity of American cuisine attracts, especially when there is no time.

Arroz Con Leche

Arroz con leche – a national dish of Spanish cuisine, cooked from milk, rice and flavored with cinnamon zest.

Catalan Cream

Catalan cream – the recipe of the Catalan monks, the cream can be served as an independent dish.