Recipes with Bacon

Bacon – recipe ingredient

Bacon is a product from meat of specially fed pigs. Bacon is made from the side of a pig and consists of alternating layers of meat and fat. Bacon can be salted or optionally smoked. Bacon is widely used in the cooking of various recipes in cuisines of many countries of the world. Bacon is used to make sandwiches, salads, snacks, main dishes and more.

Cobb salad

Cobb salad is a recipe for American cuisine, it’s like a calling card of America.

Stewed Veal Lung

Stewed veal lung – a traditional French recipe that embodies the style of Provence.

Onion Pie

Onion pie – German pie recipe, very satisfying, delicious, with the addition of bacon.

Ham and Bacon Pea Soup

Ham and bacon pea soup – first dish according to the Swedish cuisine recipe. Pea ham soup is not only delicious but also extremely nourishing.

Fish Head with Gravy

Fish head with gravy – a Chinese cuisine recipe, this is not only a tasty and healthy dish, it also looks very impressive.

Bacon-Wrapped Quail

Bacon-wrapped quail – a French cuisine recipe, simple, and at the same time, very festive dish.

Bacon and Leeks Quiche

Bacon and leek quiche - a recipe for a savory French cuisine pie made from shortcrust or puff pastry.

Pork Pate with Olives

Pork pate with olives - a recipe for French cuisine, an appetizer option for preparing pork dishes.

Bacon and Apple Pancakes

Bacon and apple pancakes - a recipe for Swedish cuisine, pancakes do not look like pancakes, rather it is an omelet.

Eggplant Kobler with Bacon

Eggplant cobbler with bacon - one of the American dishes, vegetables baked with dumplings, with the addition of bacon.

BBQ Sauce "Latte"

BBQ sauce "latte" – BBQ sauce recipe, the sauce works very well for chicken or beef.