Bacon-Wrapped Quail

Bacon-wrapped quail – recipe with photo, French cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
4 servings
Medium recipe

Bacon-wrapped quail – a French cuisine recipe, based on this recipe, you can cook not only quails, but also pheasants, hazel grouses or partridges. The recipe is not complicated, but the taste and appearance are very festive. To prevent the poultry breast from drying out, it must be wrapped in thin strips of bacon, it will protect the breasts from drying out and make the quail meat much juicier. I use small shallots for quails, its size does not differ much from the green of garlic.

Recipe Ingredients

Quail 4 pcs
Bacon 4-8 pcs
Shallot 12 pcs
Garlic 12 cloves
Broth 100 ml
Thyme 1 tsp
Butter 50 g
Olive Oil 50 ml

Cooking Recipe

To cook a French cuisine recipe bacon-wrapped quail, gut the poultry carcass, if any feathers remain, remove and wash well.

From the giblets, you can make a wonderful broth, which will come in handy in the future. Wash the giblets, add water and put on high heat, when the water boils – remove the foam, reduce the heat and cook for another 1 hour. To make the broth rich, you can add black peppercorns, cloves and roots to it.

Pour olive oil into the form, where the quails will be baked in the future, add butter and thyme. Put the dish in an oven preheated to 180°C (355°F) for 7 minutes – during this time the oil and thyme will combine and give a pleasant aroma.

Grate the quail inside with a mixture of pepper and salt. Wrap the quail with strips of bacon and tie so that the bacon does not twist or slip during frying. For beauty, you can also knit the legs of the quail.

Put the prepared quails in a mold, in which the butter has melted, and put in an oven preheated to 200°C (390°F) for 30 minutes. During this time, the bacon and quail will brown and acquire a beautiful golden appearance.

Peel the onion, cut the garlic into cloves, but do not peel, mix the broth with the wine, season with salt and pepper. Add prepared onion and garlic to the quail mold, pour broth with wine, cover with foil and put in an oven preheated to 200°C (390°F) for 40 minutes.

You can serve bacon-wrapped quails with potatoes. Peel the potatoes, boil, then cut into slices. When the quails are cooked, remove the foil, put potatoes on the quails, increase the temperature to 220-250°C (430-480°F) and bake for another 10 minutes. Serve the quail warm, put the quail, potatoes, onion, garlic on a plate, pour over the resulting juice and serve.