Lean Beaten Gingerbread

Lean beaten gingerbread - recipe with photo, russian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
600 g
Medium recipe

Lean beaten gingerbread - a recipe for russian cuisine, an old recipe in which the dough for gingerbread is not kneaded, but knocked out. The longer you beat the dough, the gingerbread will be tastier. Knock out as much as you can, from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Recipe Ingredients

Cooking Recipe

For the recipe lean beaten gingerbread, remove the zest from the lemon with a grater, squeeze the juice. Pour sugar into a saucepan, pour 100 ml of water, add lemon juice and zest, mix and put on medium heat. Once the sugar in the syrup has dissolved, remove from heat and set aside. Add ground spices to the cooled syrup.

Mix flour with baking powder and sift through a sieve. Mix sifted flour with syrup. Knead at the beginning with a wooden spoon, and then grease your hands with vegetable oil and knead the dough, knocking it out on the table, for 30-60 minutes.

Just throw the gingerbread dough on the table. To prevent the dough from sticking to the table, it can also be greased with oil. Cover the baking sheet with paper and use a teaspoon to put the dough on a baking sheet, each time you need to dip the spoon into water - so the dough will be easier to lag behind the spoon.

Top each gingerbread with a nut and place in a preheated oven at 180°C (355°F). Bake lean beaten gingerbread until golden brown, about 10-15 minutes.