Sorrel for the Winter

Sorrel for the winter – recipe with photo, canning
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1,5 l

Sorrel for the winter – recipe for preparations for the winter, sorrel is very easy to harvest for the winter, you only need a can, sorrel and water, and then oxalic acid will do everything, which is a very good preservative. Basically, after sealing, the cans are turned upside down with a lid; you do not need to turn the sorrel, since the water should be well soaked to the very bottom.

Sorrel for the winter ingredients

Sorrel for the winter recipe

Sorrel cutting

To cook a sorrel for the winter recipe, sort out the sorrel, wash well and cut.

Putting sorrel in cans

It is better to take half-liter cans for sorrel. Put chopped sorrel tightly in sterilized cans.

Pouring boiling water over sorrel

Pour boiling water over the sorrel, periodically piercing it so that the water passes to the very bottom of the jar. When the cans of sorrel are completely filled with water, cover and seal.

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