Smoked Pork Belly on Ribs

Smoked pork belly on ribs - recipe with photo, appetizer
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Cooking Time:
2 hours
Recipe Yield:
1 kg
Medium recipe

Smoked pork belly on ribs - beer appetizer recipe, get ready for a party with friends, here is the recipe for you. Simple and easy, all you have to do is cook.

Recipe Ingredients

Pork Belly 1.2 kg
Water 2 l
Salt 300 g

Cooking Recipe

The recipe smoked pork belly on ribs is very simple. Wash the pork belly if you need to clean the skin. Dissolve the salt in water and dip the pork belly into it. Refrigerate for two days, turn over after a day. Less salt should not be used, as the ribs are thick and should be well salted.

After taking out the pork belly, rinse under running water, tie with twine and hang to dry for 2 hours.

Next, smoke for 30 minutes on fire, and then keep under the lid for 2-3 hours.

Even after so many manipulations, the pork belly is not yet ready, now it needs to be boiled. Place smoked pork belly into boiling water and cook for 1-1.5 hours. After let cool, and it is better to slightly freeze, cut and serve.