Recipes with Champignons

Champignons – recipe ingredient

Champignons - (lat. Agaricus), agaric of the mushroom family with a massive hat, which over time becomes more flat. Champignons come in different sizes - from 3-5 to 20-25 cm. Small champignons are well suited for pickling, and large champignons with large hats - for stuffing. An even, dense leg with a clearly visible ring is also used in cooking. If the champignons are large, then the legs are best used for cooking broths. Champignons have a very bright mushroom taste and aroma, they are used in the first, second courses, in appetizers, salads and in baking.

Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable cutlets - a Greek recipe made from vegetables, mushrooms and oatmeal.

Kidneys with Mushrooms and Pickles

Kidneys with mushrooms and pickles – everyone is afraid of the kidneys because of the smell and the fact that they need to be soaked for a long time.

Stewed Veal Lung

Stewed veal lung – a traditional French recipe that embodies the style of Provence.

Fettuccine with Giblets

Fettuccine with Giblets – a wonderful recipe for lunch or even dinner, it is prepared very easily and quickly.

Beef Stew in a Pot

Beef stew in a pot – the recipe for cooking Chinese cuisine, oddly enough, but this name has a very famous soup in China.

Champignon Cream Soup

Champignon cream soup is a delicious, light soup with mushrooms. Chicken broth combined with mushrooms gives the soup a rich taste.

Daikon Parsnip Salad

Daikon parsnip salad – this salad can be cooked in autumn or winter, it is very nutritious and healthy.

Paella Vegetarian

Vegetarian paella is a Spanish cuisine recipe, the basis of paella is rice and spices, and then seasonal vegetables.

Mushroom Quesadillas

Mushroom quesadillas - a recipe for Mexican cuisine, mainly this dish is cooked in the summer, any mushrooms.