Vegetable and Spice Crispbread

Vegetable and spice crispbread – recipe with photo, dishes for raw foodists
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 8-10 pcs

Vegetable and spice crispbread is a recipe for raw foodists, the crispbread can be made from various vegetables, best of all are carrots and pumpkin. They can be used singly or together. Spices can also be changed, adding or removing depending on your tastes and preferences.

Vegetable and spice crispbread ingredients

Vegetable and spice crispbread recipe

Chopping carrots and pumpkin

Vegetable and spice crispbread recipe is a good snack that you can easily take to work or for a walk. Peel the carrots and pumpkin and chop in a food processor. You can also twist it through a meat grinder or in a juicer, using only oil cake in the future. If you use a juicer in the oil cake, add water later, otherwise the dough will be very dry.

Preparation of vegetable and spice bread dough

Onions for bread should be marinated in lemon juice, ground black pepper and salt for 30 minutes in advance. If you will not marinate the onions, then you must add lemon juice to the dough itself so that the bread is not cloying. Add pickled onions to the mixture of carrots and pumpkin, the rest of the ingredients and chop.

Chopping vegetables with a immersion blender

For a more homogeneous mass after chopping in a combine, you must use a immersion blender. You can, of course, grind with a immersion blender once, it's just a pity for the technique.

Drying crisps from vegetables and spices

Further, the prepared dough can be formed into squares, rectangles, or simply lay out a layer. Place crispbreads in a dryer set at 40°C (105°F) and dry, turning occasionally, for 12-18 hours.

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