Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream – recipe with photo, german cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 4-6 serving

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Coffee Ice Cream – German cuisine recipe, ice cream is very tasty, with a rich aroma and taste of coffee.

Coffee Ice Cream Ingredients

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe


For the German cuisine recipe coffee ice cream, brew finely ground coffee in 100 g of milk and cool. Dilute starch in 2 tbsp. cold milk. Mix the remaining milk with sugar and put on fire. When the milk comes to a boil, add the diluted starch and, stirring occasionally, cook until thickened. The mixture should be the consistency of sour cream.


After adding the beaten eggs, while stirring so that the eggs do not turn into flakes, pour in the strained coffee and mix. If the mixture turned out, in your opinion, too liquid, boil it for a few more minutes, not forgetting to stir.


It is best to use a whisk when making ice cream, so that lumps that have formed inadvertently can be easily broken immediately. Prepared coffee ice cream cool, also stirring occasionally, put into molds, cups and refrigerate for freezing.

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