Vegetarian Food Recipes

Eggplant and Tomato Salad

Eggplant and tomato salad – Recipe of Armenian cuisine, a hearty salad of fried eggplant with onions and fresh tomatoes.

Salad of Beets and Cucumbers

Salad of beets and cucumbers – Belarusian cuisine recipe, boiled beetroot salad, fresh sliced cucumbers, onions and eggs.

Raw Eggplant Caviar

Raw eggplant caviar – Georgian cuisine recipe, baked eggplant with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and walnuts.

Salad "Cabbage under a Coat"

Salad "cabbage under a coat" – lettuce, so to speak, from the remains of the well-known herring under a fur coat. My mom's recipe.

Cranberry Mousse

Cranberry mousse – a recipe for Jewish cuisine, semolina in mousse - this is very unexpected and extraordinary tasty.

Lemon Curd

Lemon curd – british cuisine dessert recipe, kurd can be used as a spread on bread.

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry clafoutis – a recipe for French cuisine, a light, delicate and airy dessert.

Coffee Mousse Dessert

Coffee mousse dessert – a recipe for a delicious coffee mousse dessert covered with chocolate icing.

Cake Pigeon's Milk

Cake Pigeon's Milk – a very popular cake in Soviet times was invented by a confectioner at the Prague restaurant.

Bushe Nut Cake

Bushe nut cake – a recipe for a biscuit cake, which consists of two parts-flat cakes.

Cake "Fairy Tale"

Cake "Fairy Tale" – the recipe consists of a soaked biscuit and butter cream, with cocoa and candied watermelon added for decoration.

Viburnum Seed Coffee

Viburnum seed coffee – a recipe for Russian cuisine, long forgotten, but it's a pity - there are a lot of useful substances in the seeds.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee – An excellent warming alcoholic cocktail based on coffee, whipped cream and Irish whiskey.

Egg Nog in German

Egg Nog in German, an alcoholic drink, often prepared for the Christmas holidays.