Vegetarian Food Recipes


Sangria - the recipe for making a drink of Spanish cuisine, in addition to the classic one, sangria can also be sparkling - with the addition of sparkling water.

Tomato Juice with Herbs and Pepper

Tomato juice with herbs and pepper – drink recipe, tomato juice with spices - a light and refreshing drink, in addition, it is also satisfying.

Tarragon Syrup

Tarragon Syrup – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, you can make a refreshing summer drink from syrup.

Puff Pastry with Egg Cream

Puff pastry with egg cream – a simple recipe made from puff pastry and unsweetened cream, the tubes look very nice on the festive table.

Momiji Oroshi

Momiji Oroshi – Japanese dipping sauce recipe translates to red maple.

Yakitori Sauce

Yakitori sauce – sauce recipe, in Japan they are coated with meat for cooking kebabs.

Shortcrust Pastry Ring with Nuts

Shortcrust pastry ring with nuts - the recipe is very simple, nuts can be any, but peanuts are better, although walnuts are also suitable.

Beans in Tomato Paste

Beans in tomato - a recipe for the main dish, it is not necessary to soak the beans overnight, it will last for 3-4 hours.

Nezhinsky Cucumber Salad

Nezhinsky cucumber salad – a cucumbers preservation recipe for the winter in the form of a salad, with the addition of onions and spices.

Millet Cutlets

Millet meatballs - a recipe for a simple dessert, such meatballs were often prepared in kindergartens.

Roll «Sausage»

Roll "sausage" is a recipe for a confectionery product that has been familiar to everyone since childhood.

Pickled Oyster Mushrooms

Pickled oyster mushrooms – everyone loves mushrooms, well, probably everyone, in my environment, people use mostly champignons.

Christmas Cocoa

Christmas cocoa – we know hot chocolate as a warm, spice-infused beverage.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Men

Pumpkin gingerbread men – Christmas baked goods are always colorful and interesting, filled with bright aromas.

Lemon Jam

Lemon Jam – jam can actually be made from anything, if there is cone jam, why can't it be made from lemons.

Gingerbread Dough

Gingerbread dough – the recipe for the dough is very simple, you can make various gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house from it.

Bulgarian Apple Jam

Bulgarian apple jam – Bulgarian cuisine recipe, apples in jam look like candied fruits.

Grapefruit Drink

Grapefruit drink – a recipe for German cuisine, it is advisable to take classic yogurt for the drink, without additives.

Apple Punch

Apple Punch (Apfelpunsch) – a recipe for German cuisine, if you do not have freshly squeezed apple juice, a store recipe is quite suitable.

Hot Toddy

Hot toddy – the national drink of Great Britain with the addition of whiskey, the drink is very popular in the cold season.

Hot Banana Cocktail

Hot banana cocktail – recipe for Mexican cuisine, for a cocktail you must take at least 70% chocolate.