Vegetarian Food Recipes

Focaccia with Olives and Garlic

Focaccia with olives and garlic – recipe for cooking Italian cuisine, focaccia is a flat cake with the addition of various herbs.

Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueur – if you think that coffee liqueur cannot be made at home, you are wrong.

Gnocchetti Green

Gnocchetti green – a recipe for Italian cuisine, the basis for gnocchetti is always potatoes.

Kefir Dessert

Kefir Dessertt – a recipe for cooking German cuisine, a wonderful breakfast or dinner - light, hearty and delicious.

"Cold Dog" Cake

"Cold Dog" cake – easy recipe for a cake of German cuisine, making a cake from cookies.


Katlama – puff cakes with onion filling, a recipe for Uzbek cuisine.

Potato Cookies

Potato cookies – unsweetened pastries from recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, such cookies can be served with tea or borscht.

Placinta with Potatoes

Placinta with potatoes – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, placinta is a kind of flat cake with various fillings.

Spanish Vegetables

This vegetable dish according to the recipe of Spanish cooks looks very bright and colorful, and it is also dietary.

Mustard Potatoes

Mustard potatoes – German cuisine recipe, potatoes can be served as a side dish or as a hot salad.

Onion Cookies

Onion cookies – recipe for cooking savory pastries of Ukrainian cuisine, slightly salty cookies with a delicate taste and aroma of onions.

Lasagne Rolls

Lasagne rolls – Italian food recipe, this is not a traditional option.

Potato Pies with Cabbage

Potato pies with cabbage – a recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, so that the dough does not fall apart, the potatoes need to be dried.

Apple Pie with Semolina

The apple pie with semolina according to the Bulgarian cuisine recipe is easy to prepare, apple pie is great for breakfast with tea, coffee or juice.

Potato Fingers

Potato fingers – a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside.