Vegetarian Food Recipes

"Baklava" Cookies

"Baklava" cookies - a recipe of Bulgarian cuisine, cookies are made from puff pastry stuffed with walnuts and sugar.

Pie with Apples

Belarusian apple pie is made from yeast dough with fragrant apples.

Potato Millet Casserole

Potato millet casserole - a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, bulba translated from Belarusian - potatoes.

Potato Brushwood

Potato brushwood is a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, brushwood turns out to be very airy and crispy.

Mushroom Deviled Eggs

Mushroom deviled eggs - a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, dried porcini mushrooms are used for minced meat.

Jam Shortbread Tart

Jam shortbread tart is a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, grated dough gives the pie an interesting surface.

Cabbage Egg Nests

Cabbage egg nests are a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, it is desirable that the yolk is not baked too much.

Egg Roll with Potatoes

Egg roll with potatoes - a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, egg roll is an original and very simple snack.

Buckwheat Drachena

Buckwheat drachena - a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, the dough in drachen is not completely approached, but slightly sour.

"Knots" Cookies

"Knots" cookies - a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, crispy cookies, which are cooked in a large amount of vegetable oil.

Tsibriki Potato Fritters

Tsibriki potato fritters - a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, tsibriki can be served both as a side dish and as an independent dish.

Vegetable Shish Kebab

In Armenian cuisine, shish kebab is cooked not only from lamb, pork, goat meat, but, oddly enough, from vegetables as well.

Armenian Lavash

Armenian lavash is a thin flatbread made from yeast dough and fried in a hot, dry frying pan.

Pea Nuts

Pea nuts in Armenia are prepared from such peas as chickpeas - it gives this dish a richer taste.

Chickpeas and Rice

Chickpeas and rice is an absolutely vegetarian dish; in Armenia, such a dish is often consumed during fasting.

Butter Cookies Shakar Lokum

Butter cookies Shakar Lokum - a recipe for Armenian cuisine, butter with powdered sugar will beat better, but you can replace the powder with sugar

Puff Pastry Cookies

Puff pastry cookies is a recipe of Armenian cuisine; when serving, puff pastry cookies is poured with hot honey.

Sugar Bread

Sugar bread - a recipe for Armenian pastries, after baking, let the bread cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar