Recipes with Hard Cheese

Hard cheese – recipe ingredient

Hard cheese - a product made from whole milk with the addition of enzymes. With long-term ripening, hard cheese loses a large amount of moisture, even more than 50%, so these cheeses are called hard. Despite their hardness, many of these cheeses melt very well during processing - such as Parmesan. The world of hard cheeses is diverse and not limited only to Parmesan - these are Ementhal and Cheddar, Pecorino, etc. Hard cheeses are very good in soups, main dishes, these cheeses are harmoniously combined with almost all vegetables, and of course, hard cheese is ideal in pizza.

Buns with Cheese for Beer

Buns with cheese for beer – delicate airy buns stuffed with hard cheese and a slice of tomato, a wonderful snack for beer.


Minestrone – light Italian vegetable soup. Minestrone can be served hot or cold.

Salad "Old Munich"

Salad "Old Munich" – German cuisine recipe, you can take any hard cheese for salad.

Puff Pastry with Egg Cream

Puff pastry with egg cream – a simple recipe made from puff pastry and unsweetened cream, the tubes look very nice on the festive table.


Moussaka – one of the traditional Greek dishes, based on ground beef, eggplant, cheese and tomatoes.

Lasagne Rolls

Lasagne rolls – Italian food recipe, this is not a traditional option.

Chicken and Mushroom Salad

Chicken and mushroom salad – recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, mushrooms for salad can be used fresh or dry.

Moroccan Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie - a Moroccan recipe, refers to savory pastries, shortbread dough with pumpkin-cheese filling.

Liver Paste

Liver paste – one of the recipes for cooking Italian cuisine, making pate is not so difficult.

Zucchini Keftedes

Zucchini keftedes – a Greek cuisine recipe, the aroma of these cutlets will bring together all family members in the kitchen.

Kifle with Cheese

Kifle with cheese – a Bulgarian cuisine recipe, buns are prepared with any sweet or savory filling.

Tomato and Cheese Salad

Tomato and cheese salad – recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, very interesting and light salad.

Cheese Stuffed Pork Cutlets

Cheese stuffed pork cutlets – recipe for cooking pork cutlet stuffed with cheese, according to the American cuisine recipe.